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Tax foreclosure and other forms of housing displacement are very serious issues in Detroit. The scope of the problem can be quite daunting and understanding the nuances challenging. These resources can be used to learn about this topic and access sev


The Threat of Eviction: How Landlords Shape a Contingent Tenure

Philip ME Garboden and Eva Rosen (2019)

Based on interviews with 127 randomly sampled landlords and property managers, this research exposes how landlords avoid evictions by utilizing the threat of eviction. The paper explains how landlords use the threat of eviction, because it is cheaper than an actual eviction, and by allowing tenants to be behind on rent, the landlord is able to remove the tenant at anytime for any reason. This state of uncertainty causes residents to be more willing to do home repairs out of their own pocket and less likely to report problems with the housing.

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